Monday, November 17, 2008

Banana Diet

Super Fast, Super Simple Diet - Get Started Today

Want to lose weight fast? In this article we'll look at four tips which will help you achieve your weight loss without ever going on a formal diet.

Here they are.

1. Eat Bananas for Breakfast

The Banana Diet is the latest fad diet, but it offers something more: it works, and it contributes to your overall health. Eating bananas and drinking room temperature water for breakfast gets your day off to a great start.

Since this breakfast is highly portable, it's ideal for you if you're one of those people who never has time for breakfast.

You'll find that your bananas will fill you up, and will keep you satisfied until lunch.

2. Eliminate As Much Processed Food As Possible

Our second tip is that you eliminate as much processed food from your diet as possible. This includes all "white" foods (white flour and sugar) which add nothing to your nutrition but just contribute empty calories and pounds to your hips and tummy.

Focus your meals on protein (fish, meat, cheese, beans) and vegetables and fruit, with whole meal bread. This is real food, not pretend food, and you can eat as many vegetables as you please.

3. Join an Exercise Class With a Friend

What do you think of exercise? If you think it's boring, aim to make exercising fun for yourself. Talk a friend into joining an exercise class with you. Find a neighbor who's willing to go for after-work walks with you several times a week.

When you exercise with a friend, not only is exercise more fun, you're also more likely to keep commitments you've made to your friend.

4. Decide That You'll Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Our final tip is this: make a decision to lose weight, and keep it off. A wish to lose weight is not a decision, it's a fantasy.

Everyone has their own tipping point, the day they decide that they WILL lose weight, and nothing will stand in their way.

Maybe it's the day you pass a friend in the street, and your friend doesn't recognize you because you've gained so much weight. Maybe it's the day someone tells you point blank you're fat. Or maybe it's the day you see your reflection in a shop window, and realize that that is YOU, and you're shocked.

The above four super fast, and super simple dieting tips will help you to started losing weight. Start today.

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Losing Weight by Christmas!

An interesting Article on Losing Weight by Christmas that I found at ezinearticles website:

Here's how to lose weight by Christmas. These are simple and no problem to do for most people. If you do them, you should have no problem getting some good weight loss results. BUT... you have to do them. If you're desperate to drop pounds by Christmas, take the next 2 minutes to finish reading this article.

How to Lose Weight by Christmas

1. Drop the sodas and coffees

This is easy if you know my secret. What is my secret? It's drinking Stevia waters. Don't know what they are? Ok, well, it's water with 2 packets of Stevia added to it. Don't know what Stevia is? Ok, it's a natural sugar substitute that's actually HEALTHY FOR YOU. It's sweeter than sugar. So 2 packets is plenty in water to sweeten it up and make it taste good enough for you to forget about sodas.

If you want to forget about coffee, use a Stevia water and take a caffeine pill.

2. Eat either an apple, soup, or a salad before all your meals

This helps to crowd out some of those high calorie foods that you're eating at your meals. So you still get to eat them, but you won't eat as much of them because you're going to get full a lot sooner because of the apple, soup, or salad. It's a neat and simple little trick to help you cut out 20-30% of your calories without making you craving your favorite foods and without having a nutritional deficiency.

These are 2 simple tips on how to lose weight by Christmas... try them out and you'll be thinner by then.

If you're SICK and TIRED of getting the same old boring weight loss advice... you know, like "Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water, jog, and Blah Blah Blah", then...

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